Cleopatra V. Perepelita


This suite has been released in several versions namely for violin, clarinet, flute, viola and piano. In each version, the tonal range , and technical demands have been adjusted to suit each instrument.
The cycle as a whole forms a dialogue between the two performing/ partners .
It is a journey into a nostalgic and beautiful past.
Score and Parts
Intermediate level.

1. Memories

The first piece is in ABA formPart A is a dreamy " Andante "  in which the expressive , lyrical violin is accompanied by chords or harp -like  arpeggios on the piano. In part B the two performers converse , - changes of speed and time- signature ( Vivo ) lead to a fast dance -like episode, inspired by  the style , tonality and  rhythms of Romanian folklore.The melodious Part A returns bringing  the” memories” to an end before they  fade quietly away .

2. Intermezzo (Blues)

Brings his jazzy sounds cheerful and gives the player / receiver from the "lost memories".
It's a blues, in which the two artists - perform a rhythmic, but also very transparent dialogue - as in a conventional jazz improvisation. The joy of making music together, to listen to each other and to the imagination while giving free rein should be in every case in the foreground.
Those who wish can improvise on.

3. Farewell Dance

The suite ends with a waltz that brings good memories to dance. The piano part has a typical waltz accompaniment, also the solist with full vigor, "animato", plays a very beautiful melody. Both performers 'dance' / play a cheerful, noisy waltz in which their feelings are to be played out freely. The whole world belongs to this moment only to them. "Mention" at the end, before the parting comes, the two dialog some nice moments from the past.
It is a friendly farewell, so the end of the piece, sounds dominate in f, mf and animato. Thus we return to an enlightened, peaceful atmosphere back into the real world.

Violine and Piano  ISMN M-700238-48-3    

Clarinet and Piano  ISMN M-700238-49-0   

Flute and Piano  ISMN M-700238-50-6    

Viola and Piano  ISMN M-700238-51-3    


Score and Parts



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