Cleopatra V. Perepelita


Trio for: Voice (Violine / Flute), Cello and Piano

              ISMN: M-700238-60-5 (11,50€) OUT!!


Trio for: Voice (Violine / Flute, Clarinete), Cello and Piano

              ISMN: M-700238-61-2 (12,50€)


The composition could be performed in the following combinations:

- Voice (Sopran / Tenor), Cello and Piano. 

- Violin, Cello and Piano.

- Flute, Cello and Piano. 

- Clarinete, Cello and Piano.

For the execution of "vocalises" (in sotto voce), the singer can choose the syllables freely. It should be interpreted „molto rubato“ in classic style or the style of a chanson.

When the composition is performed only instrumentally, the text can be recited by one of the players - either alternating or by the same artist.

Standard of difficulty: Moderately 

The composition was awarded on June 10.06. 2016 in Oldenburg at the 15th Composition Competition for the Carl von Ossietzky Prize of the University of Oldenburg; Composition for voice and ensemble.




 Score and Parts

M-700238-60-5 AUTUMN M-700238-61-2


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