Cleopatra V. Perepelita

Dance From Maramuresh

TRIO: Violin, Cello and Piano

"Dance From Maramuresh" is a composition from the suite “Impressions Of Romania”.

The pieces in this edition are available not only for piano, but also for violin, violoncecello, clarinet, flute, and saxophone, as duets as well as trios.

Other available versions: for violin and piano, violoncello and piano, contrabass and piano, viola and piano, flute and piano, oboe and piano, clarinet and piano and for trumpet and piano.

All versions are written in the same key, offering various possibilities for ensemble playing.

Score and Parts


Intermediate Level 1



  • Dance From Maramuresh
  • CHROMATIC  EDITION ISMN M-700238-34-6 EUR 4,90


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    Dance From Maramuresh