Cleopatra V. Perepelita

Games For The Piano                                                                      

Playing with rhythms, sounds and dynamics. A musical dialogue in 5 playful pieces for piano for four hands.

The player's feeling for rhythm is also developed by the musical and rhythmical dialogue between the two piano players, a tambourine, the hand clapping, a wooden woodpecker complete the piano sounds. In addition to the rhythmical aim children can discover dynamics and the sounds of music.

The suite ends with "I Like Boogie" a piece of jazz which children will have great fun to play.

Elementary and intermediate level.




  • Games For The Piano  
  • The Woodpecker And 
  • The Cuckoo  
  • Rhythmical Dialogue  
  • Playing With Sounds
  • I Like Boogie 


  • CHROMATIC  EDITION ISMN M-700238-04-9 EUR 9,80


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