Cleopatra V. Perepelita


There are three volumes for piano at elementary level 1 and 2 containing a large repertoire of original compositions and arrangements of famous works of the baroque, classical, and romantic periods as well as folksongs and spirituals.It is a repertoire suitable for teaching piano lessons and for performance in concerts.  

The easier original literature is mostly from the baroque. Classical and romantic as well as jazz compositions require more advanced skills. This is why I added some arrangements to the original compositions of these periods to extend the available repertoire for the easy to intermediate level. 

I tried to choose a t least one opus of the most important composers. The aim is to arouse – from the very beginning – the player’s interest in the great composers’ works of all periods leading to play them in the original version. This has become especially important in days when many young persons rather listen to Techno or Pop Music only, never becoming introduced into classical music at all during their education.

Volume 1 - Elementary level (98 Page)  ISMN M-700238-21-6  

Volume 2 - Elementary level (98 Page)  ISMN M-700238-22-3

Volume 2 - Elementary level (98 Page)  ISMN M-700238-23-0




CHROMATIC  EDITION From Baroque To Jazz EUR 18,90


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