My First Concert – Dancing At The Piano (1999)

Suite of 10 different dances: Waltz, Polka, Romanian Folkdance, Boogie-Woogie, Dixieland, Ragtime.
These pieces can be performed by children in concerts or competitions.

Dialogue With My Favourite Animals (2000)

Eight piano pieces offering the opportunity to compose or improvise some bars oneself.

A Journey Through The Night (1999 – 2001)

This is a journey where sounds and words evoke different moods, initiating reflections about life.
The words of the „Dialogue With The Moon” may be recited during the piano performance of this part.

Hell And Paradise (1986 - 1999)

A composition of the Jazz / Pop Music, which allows to improvise some bars.

Nativity (2004)

A musical nativity play for diverse instruments: Keyboard, Strings, Wind Instruments (Solo or Ensembles), singers, choir and narrator.

Dialogue (1986 - 1999)

Suite in 4 parts for Big-Band and Strings.
Edition for Piano Solo: Moderato – Vivace – Andante - Presto

Impressions of Romania - Piano Solo (2004)

Rumanian Folk Dances

From  Baroque To Jazz - Volume 1-3 (2007)

There are three volumes for piano at elementary level 1 and 2 containing a large repertoire of original compositions and arrangements of famous works of the baroque, classical, and romantic periods as well as folksongs and spirituals. It is a repertoire suitable for teaching piano lessons and for performance in concerts.

Birthday Calendar for Piano (2007)

Birthday Calendar for Flute (2012)

The Everlasting Birthday Calendar contains:
A monthly calendar for the birthday dates of family and friends. Each month a composer's portrait and a selection of works adapted for piano solo by Cleopatra V. Perepelita.

I Cann Play! Creative Piano Course Incl. CD (2008 - 2009)

Volume 1 - 3: Discovering - improvisation, rhythms, keys, melodies and  accompaniment.

Ostinato in 8 (2007)

A piece of modern music for piano full of sound and rhythm, in 8/8.

Lateinamerikanische Impressionen (2013)

Variations for Piano on themes and rhythms from Latin American folklore

The cycle contains nine pieces that are inspired by Latin American folklore.

Spherical Sounds (2013)

Suite for Piano: Mars, Venus, Neptun

Rhythmic Sounds; Improvisation (2014)

Two Pieces for Piano

Images (2019)

Piano Solo

Tango Fantasia (2021)

Piano Solo

September Dreams (2021)

Piano Solo

The Spring (2022)

Piano Solo



My First Concert – Dancing At The Piano (1999)

Suite of 10 different dances: Waltz, Polka, Romanian Folkdance, Boogie-Woogie, Dixieland, Ragtime.
These pieces can be performed by children in concerts or competitions.

Games For The Piano (2002 - 2003)

Playing with rhythms, sounds and dynamics.
A musical dialogue in 5 playful pieces for piano.


Miniatures (1999)

Moderato - Scherzo - Adagio - Scherzo
Quartett (Flute, Violin, Viola, Violoncello or  
Flöte, Violine, 2 Violoncelli)

(Score and Parts).

Dare It And The World Belongs To You (2007)

6 songs for high voice and piano.
6 songs for medium voice and piano.


Rumanian Folk Dances 

Violine - Violoncello - Clarinet - Saxophon (2004) -   Flute (2011)

 Flute and Piano -  Violine and Piano(2008)  (Score and Parts).

 Violoncello and Piano -  Contrabass and Piano(2010)  

    (Score and Parts).

Viola and Piano - Oboe and Piano (2011)  (Score and Parts).

Clarinet and Piano -  Trumpet and Piano (2011)  

    (Score and Parts).


Trio - Oboe (Flute), Clarinet and Basson (2020)

   (Score and Parts)

Dance From Maramuresh (2010)

Trio for Violine, Violoncello and Piano

(Score and Parts)

Dance From Maramuresh (2012)

Trio for Violine, Clarinet and Piano (Score and Parts)


Play Along! (2011)


Melodies In Several Parts For Orff Instruments (Score and Parts)

Easy pieces for a flexible combination of instruments: tone bar instruments (xylophone, glockenspiel etc.), strings, wind and percussion for two, three or four players.


Nostalgia 2 (2010)


For 3 Clarinets in B

Ways - 7 Pieces for Flute (2010)

7 Episodes on the Journey through Life: Lullaby, Where, Ways, Daring, Great Dream, Wonderland, Why. 

Memories (2012)

The suite contains 3 compositions: Memories, Intermezzo (Blues), Farewell Dance

The compositions are available in several versions:

Violine and Piano - Clarinet and Piano -  Flute and Piano - Viola and Piano         (Score and Parts)

Be Happy (2013 / 2014)

The two-part score contains two compositions for various instruments: Clarinets (B), Violine,Trumpet (B), Flute. (Score and Parts).

Tales from Transylvania, Be Happy

Mind (2014)

Duo for:  Violine / Flute and Piano (Score and Parts)

Contrasts (2014)

Duo for:  Clarinets (B) / Violine / Flute and Piano (Score and Parts)

Autumn (2015)

Trio for: Voice (Violin / Flute / Clarinet), Cello and Piano (Score and Parts)               


Be Happy (2016) Duo for two Flute

The Nightingale (2016)  For Flute Solo

November (2018)


Duo for: Violine / Flute / Oboe / Clarinet in B and Piano

Two compositions: November (Blues) und Boogie-Woogie For You


Dance With Me? (2020)


Trio for: Saxophone Es (Clarinet B / Flute), Violine and Piano




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