Cleopatra V. Perepelita

Lateinamerikanische Impressionen

Variations for Piano on themes and rhythms from Latin American folklore

The cycle contains nine pieces that are inspired by Latin American folklore.
There are pieces where I used the original sources in their original form, as well as with melodic or harmonic changes. In addition I have, inspired by this wonderful Latin American folk music,
developed my own "musical ideas" .
Thus arose variations / Impressions from: Chile, Colombia, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Peru, Brazil. Additionally I wrote a piece inspired from Tahitian folklore (Tahiti, French Polynesia).

Intermediate Level.


Impressionen aus Chile

Impressionen aus Jamaika

Impressionen aus Kolumbien

Impressionen aus Haiti

Impressionen aus Martinique

Impressionen aus Mexiko

Impressionen aus Tahiti

Impressionen aus Peru

Impressionen aus Brasilien


CD: M-700238-53-7= 6,90      

Noten and CD = 20,00




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