Cleopatra Valentina Perepelita


Born 1950 in  Brasov (Kronstadt) - Romania, piano lessons from age of 6. After studies in piano, composition and musicology at College of Music Iasi and Bucharest, Romania, additional studies in jazz and pop music.

Resident in Germany since 1986, working as a composer, as a pianistin and piano teacher, with many successful students, prize winners at competitions in Romania, Italy and Germany. More than 50 first prizes at regional up to national level. Many of her students have gone on to pursue a career in music. 

The composer has shown considerable talent as a classical and jazz pianist. In her creative work as a composer she has reached consummate mastery, not only of classical music, but also in jazz. As an experienced teacher she has written piano literature for different age groups. The interesting mixture of her various compositions,  where titles, texts and pictures, sounds and movements pass through the music like thread, create real musical stories. The music is poetical, stimulating the listener’s imagination and leaving the interpreter free for improvisation, which is an important additional part of learning to play the piano. The piano compositions for four hands evoke the pleasure of making music together, and children have fun with these lively rhythmical pieces, which sound attractive and ensure success musically. The child’s feeling for rhythm, which is supported by the second part, is developed in the world of dances. The pieces are very attractive, both rhythmically and melodically, and cater to young people’s desire for a more modern, jazzy sound. The scores are made carefully, the pages are illustrated with watermarks. They are optically attractive and are a constant inspiration for the students during their daily practice, thus motivating optically as well as orally through the melodies. They reflect her lifelong and successful teaching experience and are a valuable addition to the piano repertoire.They are carefully graded according to difficulty and are especially interesting for competitions and concerts. This is an excellent series of interesting music for piano.

She wrote pieces for various ensembles: strings, wind instruments, and vocals. Her compositions offer interesting musical and literary content.

Of her work she says:  „my goal is to encourage children’s love of music in every possible manner, because music is a part of our life, through which human feelings and sensitivity can be intensified and influenced in a positive way.” 

CHROMATIC EDTITION is a new publisher of jazz and modern classical music founded in 2003, where the composer’s pieces have been published.  

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