Cleopatra V. Perepelita

My First Concert – Dancing At The Piano 

10 dances for piano for four hands.

Dixieland, Romanian Folkdance, Waltz, Polka, Boogie-Woogie Dance, Ragtime or the invitation to a Jam Session in a Boogie-Woogie theme with variations, develop children’s feeling for rhythm which is supported by the Second Part, and teach them to play with a partner, introducing into the world of dance and jazz, and the children have fun with these lively rhythmical pieces, which sound attractive and ensure effectful success. 

The scores are made carefully, the pages are illustrated with watermarks. They are optically attractive and are a constant inspiration for the students during their daily practice, thus motivating optically as well as orally through the melodies.
They are especially interesting for competitions and concerts.

In addition to the version for four hands there is a suite for piano solo, containing the same pieces which children will quickly learn after the 4 hand versions and easily play them on their own.

Elementary and intermediate level.

Piano: Cleopatra V. Perepelita und Cristina Buga










Pictures: Luisa E. Perepelita 

Noten and CD € 19,50
Nr. M-700238-01-8 and CD

Only CD: € 5,50 Nr. M-700238-19-3 


  • I Can Play  
  • The Two Of Us  
  • Waltz   
  • A Story  
  • In The Forest (Polka)   
  • Rumanian Folk Dances 
  • Boogie–Woogie (Variationen)
  • Boogie–Woogie Dance 
  • Dixieland 
  • Springtime







  • CHROMATIC  EDITION ISMN M-700238-01-8 EUR 14, 50

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