Cleopatra V. Perepelita                     

Dialogue With My Favourite Animals

Eight piano pieces offering the opportunity to compose or improvise some bars oneself, which is an important contribution when learning to play the piano.


The suite is based on impressions from the world of animals: the hopping little hare, the swimming swan, the dancing fisch, the galopping pony or the knocking of the woodpecker and the cuckoo's answer.

The title, the pictures, the musical content, and some suggestions regarding interpretation and technique should arouse the children’s creative imagination, thus stimulating their interest in composing and improvising, as well as facilitating this process.

It is also possible to play the pieces without improvising.


The scores are made carefully, the pages are illustrated with

watermarks . They are optically attractive and are a constant

inspiration for the students during their daily practice, thus motivating optically as well as orally through the melodies.

Children can play in animals costumes.


Elementary and intermediate level.

Clips: You Tube under Perepelita.

Der Schwan: https://youtu.be/f0tcTG4A1iI

Fische im Wasser: https://youtu.be/mOSmL3kelQs                                                                                  








Pictures: Luisa E. Perepelita 


  • My Pony
  • The Little Bear
  • The Woodpecker And The Cuckoo
  • The Cuckoo In The Forest
  • The Little Hopping Hare
  • The Swan
  •  Fish In The Water
  • The Little Stubborn Donkey
  • CHROMATIC  EDITION ISMN M-700238-03-2 EUR 15,90


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